【AYUMI×ARLEQUIN】Business Card Holder|60枚入る名刺入れ ブラウン

  • 10,000円(税込10,800円)

AYUMI×ARLEQUINコラボレーション 名刺入れ



■雙層共60張入 ■120度展開獨立夾層構造 ■不分慣用手皆適用 ■本公司主力商品 ■榮獲2015年度「大阪製」表彰

不分慣用手皆適用,是Arlequin Product的主打商品。

A double-pocketed card-holder [Up to 60 cards]

Double-pocketed with a gusset that spreads 120 degrees, allowing easier hold of business cards and separated to hold up to 60 cards in total, friendly for both right-handed and left-handed users. One of ARLEQUIN’s signature products.






設計、製造、販售無縫線的皮革小物「Seamless Line」的品牌ARLEQUIN ,與以大阪為據點,向全世界發表作品的設計師AYUMI,共同合作開發岀聯名商品。


In collaboration with AYUMI, an international artist based in Osaka, the creator and distributor of the seamless leather products “Seamless Line” ARLEQUIN present you this new series. Under the belief of “a good maker is the most critical user of his own product”, we carry out our entire production line (printing, cutting, and assembling) in Osaka in hopes to bring up Osaka as XX, being acknowledged as an “OSAKA-SEI” brand in 2015. Our collaborating artist AYUMI has been a very good friend of ours through each other’s works and products. Since long before her expansions of fields, her works have been something that we respect and admire deeply. And gratefully, she has also been a fan of our products, which is what lead us to join hands for this project. “First, from Kansai, then, to the world”. We hope you enjoy our joint work we proudly present.








Born in Osaka. Although Ayumi has never studied arts or painting in aschool, she began drawing young as a way of expressing herself -yet not for displaying. She has worked for an apparel company doing planning and designing since the age 17, until she visited New York when she was 20 years old. While walking around the gallery district, she experienced a moment of epiphany and decided that “We only live once. I want to live my life challenging myself doing what I truly love”. After her return, she began to paint in earnest, on canvas using acrylic paints. With her first solo exhibition in July 2008 being a success, she began her career as a painter. Today, she is an esteemed artist working around the world, holding exhibitions and live-painting events either indoors and outdoors, painting murals or providing design works for various materials.




「   」を見つめ直すとは、ARLEQUIN がブランドとして掲げるテーマです。当社が見つめ直す「   」は、例えば、「名刺入れは、本革か金属製で30枚入れば十分」という、慣れや固定概念。すべてを根底から見つめ直し、新たな機能や価値を加えた商品を提案します。また、「自らも用いたき器を作るべし」という、「作り手が使い手」を実践しつつクラフトマンシップの品質や、現代の製造方法、異なる分野のクリエイターやマテリアルを採り入れ融合することで、モノづくりの方法をも見つめ直します。AYUMIさんの絵や行動によって、世界を見つめ直す人が増えたように、今回、当社の革小物とAYUMIさんのアート作品のコラボレーションが、「デザインとアートのある暮らし」を見つめ直すキッカケとなれば幸いです。



Rethinking a "Life with Design and Art".

Rethinking about " ", is a theme what ARLEQUIN considerimportant. What we rethink is a stereotype or a custom, for example, a standard of a business card holder, which is set as“made from a leather or metal, and cancontain around 30 cards". Our mission is to rethink everything from 0, and propose products with new functions and values. Furthermore, we rethink the methods of manufacturing, by integrating all elements:the quality of our craftsmanship, modern technologies,different materials, and creators with diverse backgrounds. As they say, “make a product you want to use yourself”, we practice to create products following our motto "a good maker is the most critical user of his own product". We hope this collaboration with AYUMI becomes an opportunity for people to rethink about"Life with Design and Art", just like Ayumiproved that people’s way of perceiving the world can be changed, through her paintings and activities.





ARLEQUIN的Seamless Line是由70%橡膠以及30%的混合皮革所製成。
Seamless Line的商品由於材質的橡膠特性而不需切面處理,且以工業用粘著劑來連接。皮革的特性在於持續使用的過程中會累積手垢,而隨著持有者的使用方式不同,將可體驗到經年累月的變化所帶來的樂趣。


ARLEQUIN’s Seamless line is made using hybrid leather, a mixture of 70% rubber and 30% leather. It has a unique smooth texture, the scent of leather, and the elasticity of rubber, which are adopted into the structural designs and methods of manufacturing of products. Our products can be assembled using industrial glue and the elastic material does not require the trimming of the cut surface. In addition, it still allows users to enjoy the aging of material while being used just like full-leathered products.







SPEC Material:Mixture of 70% rubber and 30% leather
Size:W110 x H65 x D18 mm
Made in Japan